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Love Received and Shared (1 John 4:11-13)

May 28, 2017 Preacher: Bob DeWaay

Scripture: 1 John 4:11-13

John again emphasizes the importance of God’s love and ours. John states that no one has seen God. Yet there are passages that imply that God has been seen. For example Moses was said to speak with God “face to face.” We explain how this apparent contradiction is resolved by understanding that what remains unseen is God in His ultimate essence and being. But Jesus said that those who saw Him saw the Father. We also see how we truly need one another as Christians. Going into solitude to seek a mystical “Christ” is deception. We must listen to the inspired words from God about God that are revealed in Scripture. It is so important that we realize the forgiveness of sins so that we will be the type of loving people He calls us to be.

Sermon handout and slides available under the Downloads tab.