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Paul Defends God’s Sovereign Election (Romans 9:14-23)

August 27, 2017 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: Romans

Scripture: Romans 9:14-23

 In Romans 9:14-23 Paul defends the doctrine of election. Paul takes this brief excursion because he has just explained earlier in Romans 9 that God had chosen Jacob but rejected Esau. Paul now defends the doctrine of election by appealing to the fact that God Himself revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai that He had the right to bestow mercy and compassion to whomever He desires (Exodus 33:19). Unbelieving Jews that were antagonistic to Paul would have had a difficult time in refuting Paul’s defense of the doctrine of election since Paul shows that God Himself revealed the same doctrine to Moses on Mount Sinai! In this message we also wrestle with some of the distinctions between election and reprobation. Come and hear for yourself how God glorifies Himself through the doctrine of election.

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