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Guard Against Deception (2 John 7-8)

October 15, 2017 Preacher: Bob DeWaay Series: Epistles of John

Scripture: 2 John 7-8

We learn from John that it is loving to correct error and warn the flock against deception. At issue is the proclamation of Jesus Christ come in the flesh. This involves the important doctrine of the hypostatic union which is about the divine and human nature of Jesus in one person. We also show that John emphasizes that not only did Jesus come in the flesh, but is incarnate now. The deceivers promote a spirit Jesus who is contacted by cultivating a “Christ consciousness.” We must warn the church and be aware of this serious danger. When John says “watch yourselves” he gives a command that we must take seriously. The work of God is to believe the objective truth about Christ which is proclaimed in the Bible. The realm of the spirits is a great danger and full of seductive deception.

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