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Love and Support the Truth (3 John 1-8)

November 26, 2017 Preacher: Bob DeWaay Series: Epistles of John

Scripture: 3 John 1-8

In this passage we examine John’s loving words to his friend Gaius are expressed using the well-wishing terminology of that day. The sad thing is that today John’s wish for Gaius to be in health and “travel well” has been twisted to become an absolute promise of health and prosperity. John’s primary concern is with “the truth,” a phrase he repeats often in his writings, especially his epistles. In this sermon we both explain what John said in their context and correct errors that are often taught in modern, popular Christianity. The two things we do need to have happen by God’s grace are to believe the truth and live accordingly. We show how the modern church growth movement “rejoices” in many things that are not what John rejoiced in. One of our applications is from Job and what we can learn from his errant “counselors.” Many people claim that problems in the lives of Christians are their own fault. It is not right that suffering saints should be ridden with false guilt that comes from false teaching. We end by showing that we need to value what God values.

Sermon handout and slides are available under the downloads tab.

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