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The Treatment of Elders (1 Timothy 5:17-25)

October 6, 2019 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: First and Second Timothy

Scripture: 1 Timothy 5:17-25

In this sermon taken from 1 Timothy 5:17-25 we examine what Paul says about the treatment of elders. On the one hand we learn that elders who preach the truth are deserving of payment and support, but on the other hand we also learn that elders who sin in either doctrine or deed are not above the law of Christ. We also learn that elders are afforded protection against spurious accusations by Paul demanding that no accusation be made against them unless there are two or three witnesses. In this regard, we see elders are treated no differently than any other believer in the church (Matt. 18:15-16). Come and hear how godly elders must be honored and how wayward elders may be disciplined.

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