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Christ’s Resurrection: The Basis of Our Assured Hope

April 12, 2020 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: Easter

Pastor Eric begins by showing from Scripture that the Old Testament predicted the third day resurrection through direct fulfillment, application, and type. He gives examples of each of these types of prediction. Eric’s internet went down after he showed how Matthew saw Jonah’s time of three days in the fish as a type of Jesus’ three nights in the heart of the earth.

Bob picked up the message discussing Psalm 16:10 concerning the Holy One not undergoing decay and Peter’s mention of it in Acts 2. We also look at how the New Testament points to eyewitness testimony to the fact of Christ’s resurrection as the ground of our faith and hope. People like Paul and James, Jesus’ half-brother, became believers based on evidence. We then discuss the significance of Jesus’ death burial and resurrection in regard to the justification of believers. That Jesus was raised with an imperishable body as the “first fruits” gives us hope and confidence that believers will also be raised with an imperishable body. The first fruits guarantees the rest of the harvest. Our hope is in the resurrected Christ.

[Note: There is a very brief black screen as the sermon transitions from Eric Douma to Bob DeWaay.]



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