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God Reveals the Church: Ephesians

February 28, 2021 Preacher: Bob DeWaay Series: Ephesians

Scripture: Ephesians 1-6

Ephesians Overview “The Church Revealed In Ephesians”.

Bob DeWaay concludes this series on the book of Ephesians with an overview. This sermon series began in March of 2018 and the full series is available on the church website:

The book of Ephesians has much of the key material that reveals God’s eternal purpose in creating the “one new man” that is the church: Jews and Gentiles saved by grace through faith. The panorama of the church goes from God’s intention in eternity past to His intention to present the church to Himself in eternity future. This sermon covers the key passages in Ephesians that reveal and define the church.

What we find is that the church is God’s idea, it would not be known had God not chosen to reveal it, and that all who belong to the “one new man” are safe in Christ. Many key ideas such as the church as God’s “lot” or “portion” are discussed in this overview. The relationship to the church and the hostile powers is a key issue which we discuss in light of verses in Ephesians. The nature of the biblical apostles and prophets that with Christ, the cornerstone, comprise the once-for-all laid foundation that God is building upon. We cover the nature of the spiritual battle, God’s multifaceted wisdom, and God’s ultimate intention for the church. Ironically, church history obscures the true nature of the church and many are deceived. The key idea is that Scripture alone defines the church, not church history. Ephesians shows us much about the biblical definition of the church.