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Who is our King? Matthew 2:1-12

September 26, 2021 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

In this message taken from Matthew 2:1-12 we learn how magi from the area of Babylon worshipped Jesus as Israel’s Messiah, but Herod and the leaders of Jerusalem plotted to murder Him. We also learn that Herod the Great was a descendant of Esau, but Jesus was a descendant of Jacob. I explain how Jews living during the time Jesus was born had a choice to make regarding who truly was the king. Most people probably chose Herod, the descendant of Esau, since he had the military and might. God’s elect, however, chose Jesus as their king, the descendant of Jacob. We conclude from this that in our own world we also have a choice to make regarding who we truly serve as king. Will we fear men and worship their rulers, or will we fear God and worship the true king of the world?