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The Call to Pray in Faith, Not in Vain: Matthew 6:5-15

October 2, 2022 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 6:5-15

In this message taken from Matthew 6:5-15, we examine how to pray in faith rather than in vain as the pagans do. We first examine what Christ says about how not to pray. We are not to pray in order to be seen by men, nor are we to pray in meaningless repetitions as the pagans do. We learn that since we belong to a loving, omniscient heavenly Father, we don’t need to cajole or manipulate Him into intervening on our behalf. We also learn how we should pray. We demonstrate how concern for God’s glory and His coming kingdom should be paramount in our minds and prayers. We also learn of the great benefit in being able to bring our needs before the heavenly throne. Come and hear for yourself how you can pray in faith to the loving heavenly Father who sits on His throne.