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Jesus Laments Over Jerusalem: Luke 13:31-35

December 18, 2022 Preacher: Bob DeWaay Series: Luke

By Bob DeWaay

This sermon deals with key themes in Luke-Acts concerning Jerusalem’s rejection of Messiah and others sent to her. Luke 9:51-19:48 is laid out as a travel narrative where Jesus travels to be rejected by the leadership of Israel, killed, and then raised on the third day (Luke 9:22).

The verses covered in this sermon are at the center of the reverse parallel narrative structure. We also examine the reality that it is certain that Jesus will be rejected while at the same time Jesus’ lament, sorrow, and true desire for the salvation of Jerusalem is also true. The time when she will truly say “blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” will not come until after His ascension and the church age.

In Luke, only the disciples rejoice at Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, not the religious authorities of Israel. Jesus offered “release” to captives (Luke 4:18) but they rejected Him and their house would be left desolate (literally ‘released’). But this is not a permanent situation as Jesus promises future salvation for ethnic, national Israel. In our applications we defend compatiblism.

God’s sovereign purposes in Messianic salvation going to the ends of the earth, and human responsibility for rejecting Messiah are both truth. We must not reject parts of what the Bible reveals, but believe the truth. Here is no contradiction between God’s justice and His mercy.