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The Lord's Supper

September 29, 2013 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Means of Grace

Scripture: Acts 2:42–2:42, Hebrews 3:15–3:17, Hebrews 4:1–4:2

The Lord's Supper is a means of grace that is often misunderstood. Pastor Eric begins with a definition of sanctification and means of grace, focusing on Acts 2:42. He discusses several important issues including providence and means of grace. He leads a discussion on commands and promises. We see that departing from what God has ordained leads to presumption and sin. The Lord's Supper is grounded in the Exodus and Passover. Eric also discusses what he calls "the foolish focus on the metaphysics of the elements." 1 Corinthians 11 is a key passage on the issue of the Lord's Supper and self-examination. Eric unpacks that to show what it does and does not mean. In the end, do we examine ourselves to see if we are good enough, or do we remember what Christ has done for us?