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Fellowship as a Means of Grace

September 28, 2014 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Means of Grace

Scripture: Acts 2:45, 1 John 1:3

We begin with a discussion about how God uses means of grace to humble us. God gives grace to the humble. We show this principle from various Scriptures starting in Deuteronomy. Acts 2:45 comes under discussion about what is validly bearing one another's burdens and what is a distortion of that. Then we go to 1 John 1:3 to examine the true nature of Christian fellowship. Hebrews also tells us that we need one another to avoid falling away. Fellowship with God means walking in the light.

Powerpoint and handouts continue from September 7 class by Bob DeWaay on this subject, placed here for easy reference.

Handout | Powerpoint