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Satan's War Against God's "Seed", Pt 3 (Revelation 12:12-13:1a)

October 9, 2016 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Revelation - Eric Douma

Scripture: Revelation 12:12–13:1a

In our third installment in Revelation 12 we examine evidence that suggests that Satan will be cast out of heaven in the future seventieth week of Daniel. We also explore what it means to be an “overcomer” from John’s writings. Those who “overcome” Satan and this world do not do so by their own effort but by believing in the finished work of Christ. Come and hear the lively discussion as we explore many other implications to this important passage.

Pastor Eric quoted Dr. Richardson' commentary on James which is provided here for your reference:

“Instead of the divine measure of judgment in the word of God, the slanderer establishes his or her own measure and finds a brother lacking, worthy of rejection. Judging makes a presumptive statement about the destiny of persons or their works as a whole that really only God can make.”  

(Richardson, K. A., New American Commentary, Book of James)