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The Proclamation of the Gospel to All Peoples (Revelation 14: 5-7)

January 29, 2017 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Revelation - Eric Douma

Scripture: Revelation 14:5-7

This Sunday we continue our study in Revelation 14. We first address how Christ enables the 144,000 to have “clean lips” that utter no falsehood. We next examine the nature of the angel’s gospel that is preached to the unbelieving world during the Great Tribulation period. We conclude from this that God is longsuffering and exceedingly loving to even those in rebellion against Him. We finally begin to examine how the day of wrath is an imminent proposition for all who are living today. Come and hear for yourself what God says about these great truths.

Slides and Handout are under the "Downloads" button.Slides and Handout are under the "Downloads" button.