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The Host Of Heaven And Idolatry

April 9, 2017 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: The Ten Commandments

The 2nd commandment forbids idols and images. The mode of worship that God ordained is that God will not allow Himself to be worshipped through images. God forbids creating forms of either creatures on the earth or of the host of heaven. The host of heaven are spirit beings that are allotted to the pagans. In the Old Testament the Jews were to be under Yahweh. The heavenly council of Yahweh includes fallen spirit beings that are allotted to the nations. God speaks words to His people while the pagans have idols that represent beings whose identity is confused in the minds of idolaters. Man-made idols are tangible, but have no moral content. The book of Hebrews warns against all idolatry.

[This class begins with a portion of a sermon from November of 2008. Bob's full series on the Ten Commandments can be found under Sermons, using the series sort option for Ten Commandments.

 Handout and slides are available under the Downloads tab.

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