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The Marriage Supper of the Lamb - Part 3 (Revelation 19:8-10)

April 22, 2018 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Revelation - Eric Douma

Scripture: Revelation 19:8-10

As we finish this third installment from Revelation 19:1-10, we examine several important doctrines centered on the uniqueness of Christ. First, we learn that God alone is to be worshipped. Since Jesus is worshipped (Heb. 1:6), we must conclude that He is fully God as well. Second, we examine what the “testimony of Jesus” is. We define it as a plenary genitive in which Jesus is both the subject of prophecy (the One who gives Scripture) and the object of prophecy (Jesus is what prophecy is about). We also enter into a discussion about how Christ’s description in Revelation 19:11 differs from the Antichrist’s description in Revelation 6. Come and hear for yourself about Christ’s uniqueness.

Class handout and slides available under the Downloads tab.