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God’s Purposes Fulfilled (Acts 13: 23-30)

February 3, 2019 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 13:23-30

This part of Paul's message in Pisidian Antioch emphasizes the importance of Jewish history and the Messianic promises found in the Jewish Scriptures that were read every Sabbath. Paul claims that their rejection of Messiah itself was predicted by the prophets and they fulfilled these predictions when they rejected Christ. We discuss specific passages that were fulfilled, such as Isaiah 53, and how the gospel of Luke tells us of Jesus' rejection. Jesus read Isaiah in a synagogue as recorded in Luke 4. There He was rejected.

Jesus' lament over Jerusalem In Luke 19:41-44 is an important event in Luke/Acts. We discuss how Jesus' real sorrow over what will happen to Jerusalem when it will soon be destroyed is just as important and the certainty that the things that make for peace were "hidden" from their eyes. This intersection between Jesus love and passion and God's eternal purposes which included the rejection of Messiah can and are both true. This means divine sovereignty and human responsibility are both true. Many important scriptures that teach this are discussed in this class. We cite the Old Testament, the gospels, and Paul's epistles to shed light on this matter.  

Class slides and handouts available under the Downloads tab.