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OT Scriptures: God Thwarts Babel and Establishes Nations

November 10, 2019 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: OT Scriptures

The events in Acts 14 at Lystra reveal that the pagans were interested in gods coming to earth and interacting with humans. In this class we examine the events in Genesis that lie behind that idea and why God has thwarted it. The would-be builders of the tower of Babel intended to reach into the heavens in hope of gaining contacts with the gods. In Genesis 6, fallen beings (sons of God) had interacted with humans which provoked the judgment of the flood in Noah’s day. Now humans wanted that interaction back. But what God did was confuse their language, scatter them and then establish nations with boundaries ruled over by humans (not directly by the gods). We turn to Deuteronomy 32:8, 9 to show how God fixed borders according to the sons of God. We explain how the divine council works and how there are fallen beings that are part of it. What humans directly interact with are human rulers, not the elohim. We explain how Yahweh presides over the divine council and determines what will happen. In Daniel 10, the curtain is pulled back to show that there are spirit beings that are active behind the scenes. Humans lust for this interaction even though it is harmful. The desire for Babylon without boundaries and direct, tangible interaction with spirits has never gone away. This will not happen until Daniel’s 70th week.

Class slides and handout are available under the Downloads tab.