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Divine Council: Unseen Realm And Future Judgment

January 12, 2020 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

This interactive adult class continues to discuss worldview issues that arose from Acts 14 concerning the interaction of spiritual beings called “gods” and humans. We focus on Jude 1:8-10 and 2Peter 2:10, 11. As we have seen, there are good and bad angels who are part of the divine council. The false teachers addressed by Jude and Peter intruded into an arena in which they have no authority and no direct knowledge.

Many today think it proper to “rebuke the devil” but in so doing they fall into the same sinful attitudes addressed in these passages. Jude uses a greater to lesser argument to prove that if the great (Michael the archangel) did not directly rail against Satan, but said “the Lord rebuke you,” how much less would it be the place of human teachers to do this. This is deemed a rejection of authority. That means that those who rebuke even the evil beings under God’s control are insulting God. It is as if God does not have the right to run His divine council as He sees fit. They intrude into this arena where they do not belong. Peter even calls this “blasphemy.” We have a robust discussion about the importance of understanding this to have a proper, Christian worldview.