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Timothy Circumcised and Strengthening the Churches Acts 15:40-16:3

June 14, 2020 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 15:40-–16:3

After the split with John Mark, Paul chose Silas as his traveling companion. We discuss the fact that disagreements such as happened at the end of Acts 15 are part of life and God will still use those who are committed to the gospel even when there are such incidents. Paul began what would become his 2nd missionary journey. We also discuss the fact that Timothy had a Jewish mother but had not been circumcised. Paul chose to do so, with Luke mentioning that Timothy’s father was Greek. We also look at scripture where Titus was not circumcised. Paul was willing to do what was necessary to implement the Jerusalem decision and maintain unity in the church and a good gospel witness. Strengthening previously existing churches meant teaching the word of God which will always benefit those who are born of the Spirit. We also continue to discuss worldview issues from Genesis, focusing on Noah in Genesis 8 and 9. God promises a habitable world for humans to fill. He ordained that humans could eat the flesh of animals but not the blood. He promised that seasons would endure and crops could be grown. We discuss the fact that after the flood humans continue to be image bearers of God. We also point out how the world we live in is at odds with a biblical worldview as it is committed to pagan nature worship.