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What God Is and Is Not!: Acts 17:25-31

May 30, 2021 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 17:25-31

As Paul confronts the philosophers on Mars Hill in the midst of idols and idolatry, he tells them important truths about the nature and work of the God they do not know! The beginning of this class contains a summary of about God’s existence from Paul’s speech: He IS the Creator of the cosmos, Lord over the cosmos, the giver of life and breath, and the one who caused the whole human race to exist as descendents of one man. God is NOT one who dwells in handmade temples, needs anything from man, is far from anyone, and is validly represented by idols made by humans. Paul eloquently rebuked the confusion and darkness that characterizes human philosophy and pagan idolatry. We discuss Paul’s claim that God sets the times and boundaries of human habitation. We do this by expounding passages in Luke/Acts where the term horizo_ is used (as it is in Acts 17:26). This term is used 6 times in Luke/Acts out of 8 total in the NT. How Luke uses it is very revealing about God’s sovereign rulership and the relationship between human wickedness and God’s saving purposes. This gets to the heart of the issue of sovereignty of God and the existence of evil. We discuss this in light of what is revealed in the Bible and particularly in Luke/Acts. We must know what God has revealed and only harm the clarity of the Scriptures and the gospel by speculating about what is not revealed. This will lead to a call for repentence.