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Cursed or Blessed: Jeremiah 17:5-9

July 4, 2021 Speaker: Bob DeWaay

Scripture: Jeremiah 17:5-9

Many Christians believe that they are likely cursed or being harmed by demons based on evaluating symptoms. The truth is that in this life, many people who reject Christ are happy and relatively well off. In this class we show that blessing and cursing are based on whether one trusts God or trusts man. Those who trust man are cursed and those who trust God are blessed. We examine pertinent passages in Jeremiah 17 where the prophet claims that those who refuse to trust God are cursed. In Jeremiah’s day, Israel refused to listen to God’s words through the prophet and chose to make alliances with pagan nations rather that believe what God said through Jeremiah. We have a robust discussion about how that applies to situations today. We discuss the fact that the world is headed toward judgment and the only way out is through Christ