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Teaching and Civil Authorities: Acts 18:10-15

September 5, 2021 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 18:10-15

Title:  Acts 18:10-15  “Teaching and Civil Authorities”

By Bob DeWaay

During the discussion of Acts 18 and the Lord’s direction to Paul to stay in Corinth, we discuss important issues all of us face. Everyone who confesses Christ has embraced the truth which is seen as shameful in the eyes of the fallen world. This issues that come up include the fear of man, the need to love the truth, and how God has called every believer to trust His promises. We also look at the stability that can only come through God’s work of grace. It is as true today in “Christendom” that parochial concerns can keep us from the truth as it was during the period that Luke describes in Acts. The passage in Acts 18 where Gallio is mentioned is clearly historical and there is objective evidence for the time of the event (AD 51). Many other matters are considered as God’s providence is discussed, the sovereignty of God, difficult moral dilemmas and the need for wisdom, and how we must love and pray for one another during the tumultuous times everyone is facing. The Holy Spirit-inspired authors of Scripture determine the meaning. In the case of Luke/Acts, Luke’s meaning is what must be understood. Paul will yet be called before other civil authorities and when that happens, he preaches Christ.