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True Christian Liberty: Understanding Binding and Loosing

September 19, 2021 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Topical

In this topical message we examine the liberty we as Christians have under the New Covenant. We begin by explaining how the Holy Spirit has set us free from both the bondage of sin and that of the Mosaic Law. We learn that the belief the Mosaic Law quenched the sin nature of humanity is far from being true. We learn that the human sin nature is, in fact, incited by the Law to further sin. This fact drives all of humanity toward their need for Christ and the sending of the Holy Spirit. We conclude by showing that if a law that God once commanded of Israel is no longer binding on believers, then man-made laws that God never gave are certainly not binding on the believer. Come and hear for yourself what law and covenant you must answer to as a follower of Christ Jesus.