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Key People and Places Used by God: Acts 18:20-28

November 7, 2021 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 18:20–18:28

Acts 18:20-28 "Key People and Places Used by God"

by Bob DeWaay

The narrative unity of Luke/Acts is clearly revealed through his descriptions of people and places where the gospel is presented. In this class we explain the meaning of key Greek words, some of which are only used by Luke in the NT. We also see how important themes are introduced in Luke which foreshadow what happens in Acts. We discuss what it means to “strengthen” the disciples in places where Paul had been earlier in his missionary journeys. The unique Greek terminology provides a link back to Luke 9:51where Jesus “set His face” to go to Jerusalem where He would be rejected. Apollos is introduced in this section of Acts 18 and Luke’s description of Apollos shows that he did preach Christ accurately. The mention of John the Baptist provides a review of material about John in Luke and his role there. The most important thing we must know is that the Holy Spirit-inspired author determines the meaning, not various readers. In the case of Luke/Acts, Luke’s literary skills, accurate knowledge of history, and skillful use of the Greek language should give everyone a better confidence in the truth of the gospel.