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Apollos, Priscilla and Aquila Ephesus and Corinth: Acts 18:24-28 & Acts 19:1

November 28, 2021 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 18:24-28–19:1

As we introduce Luke’s description of Apollos, we also see how Luke’s writings show us themes which begin in Luke and are developed further in Acts. This includes Jesus setting His face to travel to Jerusalem where He will be rejected. The inverted parallel structure of this travel narrative goes from Luke 9:51-Luke 19:48 with Luke 13:33 being the center and emphatic. The Holy Spirit-inspired writer, in this case Luke, determines the meaning, not the reader. Seeing the historical accuracy and the brilliance of Luke’s style in conveying his meaning helps us appreciate the importance of what God has revealed. The reader does not determine the meaning, but the writer, in this case Luke. The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible will use the preaching of the truth to bring conviction, and conversion to those who believe. Believers will grow in grace as they “welcome” the truth. Luke’s description of Apollos tells us that he was from Alexandria and was fluent in the Greek language. He was a believer who spoke of Christ accurately and then was helped by Priscilla and Aquila to learn the truth about Christ “more accurately.” His deficiency had to do with the relationship between John the Baptist and baptism that is done in Acts. This issue will be taken up in the next class on Acts.