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Travel, Teaching, Comfort “We” Passages Resume: Acts 20:5-17

October 30, 2022 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Luke joins with Paul on his travels to previously established churches as the “we” passages indicate. The most likely scenario is that Luke was still in Philippi and joined Paul as he came through on the way to Troas. In Troas, Paul well into the night as they were to leave the next morning by ship. During this teaching, a young man falls to his death and Paul prayers bring him back to like. This is an echo of events in Luke in Jesus’ ministry. The bigger picture in this section is the need to get to Jerusalem. When Paul was ‘talking’(verse 7) Luke uses the term dialegomai to describe this. The same word is used various places in Acts which involve reasoning, debate, and other situations that involve human discourse which requires rational thought. Those who disparage reason, disparage the reality that humans are created in God’s image and are not like irrational beasts. We understand and make decisions based on reason, not blind passion. The next stop in this travel section will be in Miletus where Paul will speak with the elders from Ephesus.