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Travel, Teaching, Comfort “We” Passages Resume: Acts:20-5-17

November 6, 2022 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Topical

Scripture: Acts 20:5-17

We begin by showing the narrative unity of Luke-Acts in references to raising the dead as a sign of God’s mighty power. These events are not resurrections to immortality, but people raised back to life in their same, mortal bodies. We cite passages where Jesus raised the dead and where the same happened in the ministries of Elijah, Elisha, and then Peter as well in Acts. We examined evidence that the places, modes of travel, narrated by Luke are historically accurate. There is every reason to believe the Luke wrote Luke-Acts and was a well-educated eyewitness to the passages where he used the first person. Luke’s writing shows a very robust knowledge and use of the Greek language. We examine Paul’s speech in Acts 13 at the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch to show themes where are consistent with the great commission and how Scripture is fulfilled. Paul preached the resurrection of Christ and proved the gospel promises from OT Scripture.