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An Examination of NAR’S False Claims: Who Brings The Kingdom? (Part 6)

December 18, 2022 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Topical

In this message we continue refuting the New Apostolic Reformation movement by showing biblically the deficiencies in their doctrine of the dominion mandate. Proponents of NAR claim that God has given Christians dominion over other humans as well as animals and plant life. We demonstrate clearly from Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 9:1-6 that this is not true. The Bible teaches that all humans have dominion over lesser creatures (all animal and plant life), but that Christians will only reign over other humans once Christ is reigning upon the earth in His millennial kingdom. Finally, we show the misunderstanding NAR has regarding the role of the church and government. Come and hear for yourself why the NAR’s dominion mandate is so damaging to the true role of the church.