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Paul Addresses the Ephesian Elders Pt. 5 Calling and Duty: Acts 20:25-28

January 15, 2023 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 20:25-28


-By Bob DeWaay

The first part of this class traces the message of the kingdom of God through Luke-Acts to show that it is both thematic and consistent with the gospel of grace. The evidence is very clear that there are not two different gospels. Passage show that the message of the kingdom of God is preached from Luke 4 and all the way to the end in Acts 28. Jesus and His apostles preached the kingdom of God. This includes the terms of entrance and the fact that Jesus is the promised King who is now reigning in heaven and will come again to judge His enemies and reign on the earth. Those who repent and believe the gospel are part of the kingdom through their saving relationship to the King, and will be part of the future kingdom as well. We also deal with Paul’s statement in Acts 20:26 that he was clean of blood guilt. We trace the idea of blood guilt back to Ezekiel and then cite other passages where it appears in the NT, particularly in Luke-Acts. The messenger who faithfully preaches the truth about the wrath of God against sin and the means of escape through the once for all sacrifice of the sinless Savior has discharged his God given duties. That is what Paul meant in Acts 20:26. The other implication is that if the truth of this matter is known, but the messenger refuses to preach it and warn people he is sent to, this incurs blood guilt. Sadly, this truth is mostly ignored today for various reasons. Elders must be faithful to this part of their duty.