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''The second day'': The Heavens

April 16, 2014 Speaker: Adam Olean Series: Genesis

Scripture: Genesis 1:6-8

On day 2, God continues his work of turning his dark, barren, empty, watery creation into a bright, fruitful, inhabited creation. Besides looking at the recurring thematic elements of commands, actions, reports, naming, and days, we consider the lack of a positive evaluation (on day 2), the identity of the one who performed the act of separation in Genesis 1:7 (in addition to the significance of that separation), the meaning of ra qi a ("expanse"), the identity and location of the "waters above the expanse", the significance of God's naming the expanse "heavens", among other related topics. All of this shows that the God of Jacob/Israel is the transcendent, wise, supremely good Creator and Ruler over heaven, earth, and all of creation.