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''The fourth day'': The Luminaries

May 14, 2014 Speaker: Series: Genesis

Scripture: Genesis 1:14-19

Following days 1 through 3, God's creation is no longer dark, barren, and watery but is ready to be inhabited. Thus, on day 4, God begins to populate his newly productive creation, beginning first with the celestial lights (the sun, moon, and stars). These lights are created things just like the day and night (on day 1), the heavens (on day 2), the earth, seas, and vegetation (on day 3). In this lesson, we focus special attention on the luminaries' creative functions, Moses' quiet assault on paganism, and the seriousness of idolatry. (Moses indirectly undermines paganism by presenting the revealed truth that Yahweh is the one, true God, the Creator of all things. The sun, moon, and stars are not gods or wayward rulers/authorities/powers but merely his creations.)