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''The seventh day'': Completion and Rest

June 4, 2014 Speaker: Adam Olean Series: Genesis

Scripture: Genesis 2:1-3

In this study, we tie up a few loose ends from day 6 before turning our attention to day 7. On day 6, we present a brief review and then touch on issues of mankind being made male and female, God's blessing of humanity, his provision of vegetation for his creatures, and the final report and evaluation, which together summarize the result of God's finished work. On day 7, we consider its unique place in the overall chapter (i.e., Gen 1:1-2:3). We then revisit the twin themes of 7 and completion. And, finally, we study the text verse-by-verse, looking at the completion of the heavens and the earth (Gen 2:1), God's completion and rest from his work (Gen 2:2), and God's blessing the seventh day and making it holy (Gen 2:3). As a whole, the 7th day commemorates God's completion of his work that he began in the very beginning (Gen 1:1).