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A Genesis 3:15 Excursus: The Woman's Chosen Offspring and Israel's Promised King (Part 2)

November 19, 2014 Speaker: Adam Olean

Scripture: Genesis 3:15, Numbers 23:1–24:25

In this lesson, we continue studying how the woman's chosen offspring (in Gen 3:15) relates to Israel's promised king and the founding of the Davidic dynasty. This time we focus on the prophet Balaam's oracles of blessing for Israel and oracles of judgment for the nations (in Num 23, 24).

For further study on Jesus Christ's relation to the Davidic kingship, covenant, and promises, D. A. Carson's lectures on the book of Hebrews from the "TEDS Lecture Series" are most helpful, especially substantial portions of parts 1 & 2 and later portions that discuss Christ's priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. These lectures may be found