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Contending for the Faith

April 18, 2018 Speaker: Eric Douma

Pastor Eric Douma presents the key issues that must be addressed regarding contending for the faith. The late R. C. Sproul was a strong proponent of evidential (classical) apologetics and Eric honors Dr. Sproul, defending his position. This includes showing the logical weaknesses and inconsistencies of presuppositionalism. Pastor Douma shows the distinction between rationalism (which he rejects) and rational which is grounded in God’s self-disclosure and humans being created in God’s image. It is difficult to see a distinction between fideism which is merely faith with no evidence and presuppositionalism. At some point people need to decide what they believe and why which requires evidence. The grounding of faith means the validity of classical categories that define logic and valid language about God. All the terms used are defined by Pastor Eric and shown to be valid biblically. There is a discussion at the end of the lecture among those who attended.
Class slides can be found under the Downloads tab.