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Textual Criticism & Textual Variants

October 17, 2018 Speaker: Dana Burkinshaw

Dana Burkinshaw shows that textual criticism is not something that undermines the integrity of Scripture. When rightly understood, it increases our confidence that the Bibles before us today accurately represent the message God originally gave to his people. Dana gives a definition of textual criticism and outlines three important concepts to keep in mind as we study textual criticism. He explains the different kinds of manuscripts that have survived down to our day and the major text types contained in them. Dana explains how the habits of copyists resulted in textual variants. The methods and procedures used by textual scholars to evaluate textual variants and determine the original reading are described. Dana then goes on to examine some examples of textual variants in the New Testament, beginning with the two longest ones: the longer ending of Mark and the pericope de adultera. He concludes by examining some textual variants in Matthew: 5:22; 6:13; 17:21

Slides can be found under te Documents tab.