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Jesus is Yahweh's "Branch": Matthew 2:19-23

November 7, 2021 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 2:19–23

In this message taken from Matthew 2:19-23, we learn that Jesus returns from Egypt to live in Nazareth with His family. Matthew claims this was to fulfill multiple prophecies which stated that Messiah would be called a “Nazarene.” I explain how the town of Nazareth received its name by Israelites who were zealous to see the Messiah who was known as the “branch of David” in many Old Testament prophecies. Nazareth’s name comes from the Hebrew noun “nezer” which is used in Isaiah 11:1 to refer to Messiah. Come and hear for yourself the significance of Jesus, the true branch of David, growing up in a town called “Branchville.”