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Gospel of Grace Fellowship is blessed with biblical teaching from both Eric Douma and Bob DeWaay. Their teaching and preaching styles complement each other with a clear focus on the revealed Word of God. Eric and Bob share a passion for teaching the Word of God from a reformed perspective, focusing on the authorial intent, so that the meaning accurately follows from the text. They are careful to clearly refute the errors of mysticism, pietism, works-based religion and other false teachings as instructed in Scripture (Jude 3 and Acts 20:28-29).


   Eric Douma

Eric is the founding pastor of Gospel of Grace Fellowship in Edina, Minnesota. A former airline pilot and flight instructor, his zeal for sharing the Word of God led him to complete a B.S. in Theology as well as a M.A. in Theological Studies from the University of Northwestern in Roseville, Minnesota.

Eric’s knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, as well as his study of the historical background and context helps to provide a rich understanding of Scripture. Our church is blessed to be inspired, encouraged and challenged by Eric’s teaching each week. He has also written and taught on various topics in the fields of theology and apologetics.

Eric and his wife Deborah have one son. He enjoys fishing and continues to fly when he has time.


DeWaay, Bob (2016)   Bob DeWaay

Bob has been a preacher and teacher of God’s Word since 1972. He holds a B.A. in Bible and Pastoral Studies from North Central Bible College, and a M.A. in Theological Studies from Bethel Theological Seminary. Bob has spoken at numerous conferences and debated postmodern teachers.

He is the author of the books “Redefining Christianity – Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement” and “The Emergent Church – Undefining Christianity”. Since 1992 Bob has published over 100 articles on important theological issues through “Critical Issues Commentary,” a publication he originated to help Christians understand the issues facing the church. Current and past issues can be found online at, along with podcasts that teach through scripture verse by verse.

Bob currently serves the flock as a teacher and theologian at Gospel of Grace Fellowship. Bob and his wife Diane have been married more than forty years and have two children and four grandsons.