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Jesus Calms the Sea: Matthew 8:23-27

July 30, 2023 Preacher: Eric Douma Series: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27

In this message taken from Matthew 8:23-27 we witness Jesus calming a great storm on the Sea of Galilee. We learn how the disciples are amazed at the power of Christ and realize afresh that He must be God. We show how the disciples would have been aware of texts like Job 9:8 which asserts that God alone has the power to “tread down the waves of the sea.” Since Jesus controls the sea, He proves His divine nature. We also witness Christ’s human nature as He sleeps in the back of the boat prior to being awakened by the disciples. We conclude by showing how it was prophesied that the Messiah had to be truly man and truly God in one person (Isaiah 9:6; 11:1, 10). Come and hear for yourself why you can absolutely trust the One who “the winds and the seas obey.”