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The Imminent Coming of Christ's Kingdom (Revelation 1:1-3)

March 2, 2014 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Revelation - Eric Douma

Scripture: Revelation 1:1–1:3

In Revelation 1:1-3, we witness John's preface to the entire book of Revelation. As we unpack these three verses we will focus on the timing indicators in verse 1 and 3 that serve as "bookends" to this little pericope. We will learn that the coming messianic kingdom that was prophesied to come in the "last days" according to Daniel 2:28 is now an imminent reality. New Testament believers, therefore, can be confident that Christ's coming to rapture His church is the next event on God's redemptive calendar. The imminent return of Christ is used throughout the New Testament as the primary motivation for godly living during this present age.