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Herod Judged; The Word Multiplied (Acts 12:18-35)

October 7, 2018 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: Acts of the Apostles

Scripture: Acts 12:18-35

After Peter was rescued as the church prayed for him, the scene in Acts returns to the guards in prison. Herod had the guards executed since they were held liable for Peter’s escape though we know it was through angelic intervention. Execution was Herod’s plan for Peter. We explain that other sources state that a guard who allowed a prisoner to escape would receive the penalty that the prisoner was to have suffered. the events narrated by Luke are also described by the Jewish historian Josephus. We show that the  Bible is historically accurate in its description of Herod and his death. He was adulated as a “god” and struck dead. Josephus also mentions the worms that ate him. We also discuss the Christian’s role in praying for civil leaders, even though many of them are ungodly. We discuss how God currently has established civil government and leaders and instructs Christians to obey civil law, pay taxes, and pray for our leaders. It is God’s mercy that we have human leaders and are not directly under the spiritual principalities and powers. Luke mentions that as all this happened the Word of God continued to grow and multiply.

Class handout and slides can be found under the Downloads tab.