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Exorcism, Conflict, Imprisonment: Acts 16:16-24

November 15, 2020 Speaker: Bob DeWaay

Scripture: Acts 16:16-24

This passage again shows the historical accuracy of Luke/Acts. The “spirit of divination” of a slave girl was used by her owners to make a lot of money. She announced that Paul and his co-workers served the “Most High God” and proclaimed salvation. The deliverances in Luke/Acts demonstrated the truth of the gospel and the power of God, not a new plan to make life better for Christians with various problems. We share how those who interact with spirits often create manifestations which merely promote the seeming need for more direct interactions with spirits. In part 2 of this discussion we go back to the story of the man from the country of Gerasenes who was seriously demonized. We show that Luke’s point was that no matter how horrible a person’s condition is, Christ can set that person free. Many questions about deliverance arise because of contemporary practices. We explain that signs of the presence of Messiah and salvation from the domain of Satan validate the gospel message. Many take these passages and apply them to therapy of Christians. The key issue is not the presence of manifestations, but the presence of Christ and His apostles who bring freedom to those who believe.

The incident in Acts 16 soon focuses on the reaction of the owner of the slave girl and others who think it bad that the slave girl was delivered from the Python spirit. Luke never tells us what happened to the girl after the spirit left her. But the continued emphasis is on the power of Christ. We also address a passage in Luke where the 70 rejoice that they had power over demons. Jesus told them to rejoice about their names in the book of Life. We answer some questions about that part of Luke’s narrative. Bob also shares his testimony about having been in a deliverance ministry and how and why he got out of it.