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Turning From Occultism And Trusting Christ Alone: Acts 19:17-21

July 17, 2022 Speaker: Bob DeWaay

Scripture: Acts 19:17-21

We examine Luke’s narration of how fear and the Name being magnified show important responses that reveal the person in work of Christ. The terms “fear” and “magnified” appear in various places in Luke/Acts when people witness mighty miracles. Some want to manipulate the spiritual world for money or power while others are smitten with godly fear and magnify the Lord. We discuss examples from Luke-Acts that demonstrate this. Some turn to the Lord and others seek to gain religious status or money. The appropriate response is to glorify God and believe fully in His Messianic salvation. Others do not understand things but later come to honor God and trust Him alone. Jesus’ mighty deeds show that He is God incarnate and we must trust Him alone. Those who do are transferred from the realm of darkness into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. They magnify the Lord. Others seek religious honor or money.