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Contending for the Promises: A Biblical Look into the Essential Future Restoration of Israel

September 17, 2023 Speaker: Eric Douma Series: Proverbs

Scripture: Romans 8:35-39, Romans 11:25-33

In this message we learn that contending for the promises of God does not make the Christian guilty of spreading dissension. We use the promise of the future restoration of Israel as a case study in which God is glorified by His faithfulness to His promises.

We prove from Scripture that proof of God’s faithfulness to the promises of glory for the believer are directly connected to God’s faithfulness to His promises to Israel. We show that after Paul explains Israel’s future restoration (Rom. 11:25-28), he proclaims and extols the glories of God.

We conclude from this that the future restoration of Israel is not a subsidiary issue and also that we should contend for this promise since to attack the promised restoration of Israel would be an attack on the Glory of God.