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Christian Liberty, Diversity, and Unity: Romans 14:1-8

March 24, 2024 Speaker: Bob DeWaay Series: True Christian Liberty

Scripture: Romans 14:1-8

This class begins working verse by verse through Romans 14 on the topic of how Christians function together when there are differences of opinion and practice concerning food and other matters. What is binding on Christians is determined by Christ and His apostles. We are to know God’s moral law and apply it based on binding and loosing from Scripture alone.

Mark 7:19 says that Jesus declared all foods clean. This being the case, some Christians are weak and have serious concerns about what can be validly eaten. Paul gives teaching about how the weak and strong live together in Christ. Weak and strong are not moral categories, but differences in how people function in light of Christian liberty. We reject approaches where church leaders become law-givers and demand conformity on every issue.

In Acts, this was rejected at the Jerusalem council in Acts 15. Jews and Gentiles are in the same church and must function together. Paul deals with disputes, opinions and making judgments on others. He teaches that we must accept whoever God accepted through the gospel. Christianity is not a faith that is grounded on submission and subservience in all things.

Christian liberty in matters that are not dictated by moral law is important. We have a robust discussion about other implications in these matters and others. Paul also speaks of “days” which might be set asides for Christian worship or celebration. Even that is a matter of liberty so that Christianity can function wherever it is planted by the gospel. There are no binding worship days in the New Testament.