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The Sign of “Immanuel” (“God with Us”), Two Fulfillments (Part 4)

January 20, 2016 Speaker: Adam Olean

Scripture: Isaiah 5–12

We continue our study of the sign of “Immanuel” (“God with us”), this time looking at the bigger picture seeing the sign begin to unfold initially in Isaiah’s own day but also in the glimpses of the distant future that Isaiah provides through the prophetic word and visions given him by the Holy One of Israel.

Our discussion covers the structure and message of Isaiah 1–12, including sections in chapters 2–12, 2–4, and especially 5–12. We also use and discuss Paul D. Wegner’s outline of the latter chapters (Isa 5–12):

3 The “so-called” Isaianic Memoir (6:1–9:6 [ET7]) is enclosed in a larger, palistrophic structure whose parallel units span Isaiah 5–12:

1. Song of Judgment (5:1–7)

2. “Six Woes” Pronounced upon the Wicked (5:8–24)

3. “Uplifted Hand” Oracle: Culminating with the Destruction by Assyria (5:25–30)

4. The Isaianic Memoir (6:1–9:6)

3′. “Four Uplifted Hand” Oracles: Culminating with the Destruction by Assyria (9:7–10:4)

2′. “Woe” Pronounced upon Assyria (10:5–34) that Gives Rise to a Restoration of Judah (11:1–16)

1′. Song of Thanksgiving (12:1–6)

Wegner, Paul D. “How Many Virgin Births Are in the Bible? (Isaiah 7:14): A Prophetic Pattern Approach.” JETS 54, no. 3 (2011): 467–84.

Here are additional biblical references that we discuss and will be discussing further in our next class(es):

6x “woe” (