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In the Beginning: The Six Days of New Creation in the Jesus' Public Ministry (Part 4)

May 10, 2017 Speaker: Adam Olean

After continuing our discussion of Jesus's first Sabbath, Passover Feast during his ministry (John 2:12–22) and his not entrusting himself to many who had supposedly "believed in his name" (John 2:23–25), we then turn to the question of how the office of Prophet relates to and applies to Jesus as the supreme King, Judge, Priest, and Prophet of his people and over all creation—being incomparably greater than even Moses and Elijah (see Deut 18:9–22 for the office of Prophet; Deut 16:18–18:22 for the chief offices/officers of Judge, King, Priest, and Prophet, who together with the Levites and elders were to be teachers, leaders, and shepherds of Israel—serving on YHWH's behalf; and Num 12, Deut 34 for examples of Moses's unique status as the paradigmatic Prophet, par excellence!). Where even the greatest of human servant-leaders disappoint, Jesus, the Son of God, excels—always doing only that which pleases his Father.